Eiger Bike Challenge Grindelwald

Eiger Bike Challenge 2020

The past two and a half months have been very different for all of us. In addition to all cancellations of the other sporting competitions in Grindelwald, we always had bright spots and hopes for our event in our OK. The many mountain bikers in April and May around the village also motivated us in our project.

Finally, we unfortunately had to force ourselves to cancel the Eiger Bike Challenge this summer.

It was not an easy decision, but a process with various clarifications and countless discussions in the OK. The constant uncertainty of what will happen in the near future and what will be possible has put our and your patience to the test. Thank you for your understanding of our decision making.

We not only consider the times driven in the various racing categories to be important, but also that you can experience a successful and joyful bike day in Grindelwald. This also means that we take care of the health of the participants and helpers and comply with the federal coronavirus guidelines.

The following three scenarios are available for your start place registration. We offer that you take over your registration for the year 2021. You can also get a refund of 80 percent of the entry fee. If you want to make yourself known financially with a donation at the OK of the Eiger Bike Challenge, you can also claim back «only» 50 percent of the entry fee as a third variant. If you have registered for the entire “bike marathon classics” series, your starting position will be taken over into the year 2021.

In the event of changes to the federal regulations and the protection concept of the Swiss Cycling Association, the organizing committee will consider a possible kids race on Saturday – as well as a smaller and leaner replacement event on Sunday. At a replacement event, the participants who have already registered have
of course, priority when registering. The final decision on a possible replacement event will be made by Friday July 10th. Any announcement is made via our social media channels.

Greetings from the entire organizing committee of the Eiger Bike Challenge from Grindelwald

Hombi, Präsident
Eiger Bike-Challenge Grindelwald | www.eigerbike.ch
3818 Grindelwald
E-Mail-Sekretariat: sekretariat@eigerbike.ch

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