1. All competitors of the Eiger Bike Challenge start on the at their own risk. The organizers decline all liability for loss and damage to property and personal injury as well as that of any others.
  2. The competitors are respnsible for race-efficient equipement. There will be no bike inspection. Helmet and glooves are compulsory
  3. Competitors must have birth year 2003 or older to participate in the Eiger Bike Challenge. Various categories may start only on the long distance or rather on the short distance. Decisive is the information in the announcement.
  4. Any applications, handed in after the closing date 31th July (date of post stamp), will only be accepted with an additional sFr. 15.- charge (till the 15 August). For payements made after the 31th July, a receipt will be requested, when collecting the starting number. A change in the choice of distance must be reported before the 31th July directly at the OK Eiger Bike Challenge, 3818 Grindelwald. Tel. 079 564 59 05,
  5. Cancellations will only be accepted with a written medical reference, sFr. 80.- will be refunded (sFr. 15.- are administrative charges).
  6. The starting numbers will be handed out on the 11 August, between 11.00 am and 6.00 pm, in the finishing area. In addition, the numbers can be collected on Friday 10 August, between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm also in the finishing area (Baerplatz, village). The handing out of numbers on the race day is an exception.
  7. The starting numbers must be adjusted on the handle bars. Competitors with uncorrectly adjusted numbers will be turned away at the start.
  8. The starting check begins 1 hour before the race starts. Those that dont pass the starting check wont be graded. The front start box is reserved for the top classed competitors. All licensed competitors start in the first block.
  9. It is forbidden to change a bike during the race. A bill will be made for all materials obtained at the repair stations.
  10. All competitors that dont pass the check-stations along the way or dont obey to instructions, ordered by the organizers (for example: dismounting the bike at a compulsory point) will be disqualified.
  11. The organizers reserve the right to under take any changes in the direction of the race.
  12. Protests, whatever kind, must be handed over in writing and with a deposit of sFr. 100.- to the race jury (OK-chairman, event manager and an official member of the SRB) within at least 20 minutes of arrival at the finish.
  13. If a bike should get stolen during the Eiger Bike weekend, a refund of the starting fee will only occur with a police report.
  14. The organizers reserve the right to change or amend the above regulations at any time without prior notice.