Informations – ENDURO

Addressed should feel experienced mountain bikers who find their fun on challenging nature trails, prefer to focus on the time in stages and approach the uphills a little more relaxed!

Saturday, August 13th 2022

  • 5 Stages (Maps of the routes will be available 1 week before the event.)
  • 25 Kilometers
  • 820 Uphill ↗
  • 1800 Downhill ↘
  • 100% Nature Trail
  • Including Shuttle with Firstbahn
  • Starting field is limited to 200 participants
Stages:Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Categories:Women & men, 18 years and older
Disclaimer for teenagers from 16 years
Entry fee:CHF 79 (incl. shuttle Grindelwald – First mountain station)
Registration: Online until Wednesday 10 August via Datasport
Late registration possible from August 12 on site and until 1 hour before the start. (+ CHF 20.-)
Late registration:In general + CHF 20.- (from 1. August 2022)
Number distribution:Saturday, August 13 from 6:00 am, Bärplatz
Briefing:9.45 Uhr (Panoramaplatz)
Expected start:10.00 Uhr (Panoramaplatz), women and men start together

Starting procedure:
Women with start number 1 to 4 (classified last year) have the possibility (but it is not mandatory!) to start from stage 1 according to start number order. Prio A

Men with starting number 51 to 63 (last year classified) have the possibility (but it is not mandatory!) to start from stage 1 according to the starting number order. This after all women from Prio A have started + 10min distance. Prio A will not be overtaken! Prio B

As soon as all participants of Prio A & B have started, the remaining participants can start. (From start no. 5 for women and from start no. 64 for men).

Starts will be every 30sec.
Gender and starting number order can be chosen afterwards!
Shuttle with Firstbahn:Transport only possible with a clean bike! Washing possibility is located at the valley station. Further, the front wheel must be removed so that the bike fits into the gondola.
Please follow the instructions of the helpers!
Repairs:Repairs must be done on the track independently and with your own spare material.
Equipment:• Helmet Mandatory!
• Additional protectors are strongly recommended by the organizer.